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The Aberavon Fighting Irish Sporting Club was borne out of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, and was established to serve the wider Port Talbot area in South Wales.

In the mid-19th Century the first of the great Irish Famines led to the mass emigration of poverty stricken Irish Catholics to North America and the Western seaboard of Britain – Liverpool, Glasgow and the port towns of industrial South Wales.

In these early days the main objective of these poor and destitute people, mainly of Gaelic speaking peasant stock, was simply survival. Later as their lot improved and having established church and school, their thoughts turned to sport - and this was the genesis of many of our well known sporting institutions.


Our club owes its name to the indomitable fighting spirit of those Irish emigrants who settled in Port Talbot and who, in the face of great adversity, used sport to engender a real community identity and to foster integration into local community life.

Recognising the need within the town to use sport and physical activity as catalysts for social change – particularly around the areas of health and wellbeing, educational attainment, social inclusion, community cohesion, reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour and employability -  the Aberavon Fighting Irish Sporting Club was established as a fully inclusive, open access, multi-sports organisation with an ambition to use sport and physical activity to help counter high levels of local socio-economic deprivation.

The club’s ethos is Ability without Opportunity is Nothing.

The focus of the Aberavon Fighting Irish Sporting Club is to provide opportunities – particularly, but not exclusively, for young people of the wider Port Talbot area, in a range of sport and physical activity pursuits either not catered for within the town, or where demand for those sports exceeds the current available supply.

In a nod to the club’s history, the Aberavon Fighting Irish Rugby League Club (founded in 2003) will be relaunched in the 2021 season, as the town’s only rugby league offering.


OUR Pledge TO

  • To increase participation in sport and active recreation.

  • To support the development of individuals and groups within our community, regardless of their race, culture, religion, gender, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or social status.

  • To create a positive environment for sports development and social interaction

  • To provide sporting opportunities across a range of sports in response to community demand.

  • To promote role models.

  • To develop confidence, self-esteem and personal development of those involved.

  • To improve individual performances.

  • To encourage healthier lifestyles throughout the community.

  • To create and maintain strong links between the local community and the Sporting Club.

  • To promote and develop a wide range of facilities.

  • To contribute towards a safer, stronger and better local community.

  • To use sport as a vehicle to help the education and employability of young people within our local community.

  • To support volunteering and employment opportunities.

OUR Pledge TO

  • To bring together traditional and non-traditional sporting activities and environments.

  • To help identify pathways leading to additional training, volunteering and career opportunities.

  • To inspire partners through sport.

  • To promote, enhance and develop professional working relationships and environments.


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Aberavon Fighting Irish Sporting Club, The World of Hurt, Vivian Park, Port Talbot, SA12 6RT



Aberavon Fighting Irish, PO Box 183, Port Talbot SA13 9EZ

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